Some client feedback:

“I approached Callie after suffering a stroke. I’d heard great things about her from friends who do her class and everything I’d read suggested that yoga was a good post-stroke thing to do. I’d done it years ago so knew a tiny bit. After an initial 1:1 with Callie to see ‘how I was’, I joined one of her classes. It was – is – brilliant. She provides help where she feels I need it and always offers alternative poses. I’m being challenged in the most positive way. And there’s no embarrassment or judgement in her classes. But above all it’s Callie’s passion that simply shines through. She makes it clear that yoga is for everyone. And it is” – Julie M

“I have regularly been attending Callie’s yoga classes a few times a week for the past few months. She is a wonderful yoga teacher, her classes are mindful and supportive, gently guiding you through and explaining throughout the benefits of each pose but still taking you to your edge. She always offers alternatives and encourages you to listen to how your own body responds. I love that each week she works to a theme and yet two classes are never the same. Callie’s connection is remarkable as the practice is always in tune with what my mind and body needs at that time in a really intuitive way. I’m always surprised when it’s the end of the class….time seems to pass so quickly and I’m now completely addicted to her classes!” – Clare M

“Callie is an amazing yoga teacher – calm, friendly and very knowledgeable. What differentiates Callie from other knowledgeable yoga teachers is her ability to build and teach a practice that affects you deeply on the inside. Callie has brought me deeper inside myself than I have ever experienced before.” – Cathy I

“Callie has the ability to put people immediately at ease through her kind, gentle humour and mindful ways. Her classes are a real tonic and I find them wonderfully beneficial on many levels.. She plans an interesting and varied set of classes – some on a theme, others following the seasons – but you can be assured of her thorough professionalism and a sense of purpose.There is something in Callie which I have not found in other yoga teachers and that is her true sense of purpose, a genuine spirit and a kind heart.  It is obvious Callie loves her job and I love her classes but it is so much more than that – she has passion and a true calling and I consider myself lucky to have found a teacher like her.”  – Helen O