As we move toward Spring, the energy within nature is slowly beginning to stir, rising upwards and out of the cold hard earth. Although the temperature outside may still be far from the balmy days of Summer, there is an energy of growth and renewal happening around us and also within us. The Liver is the organ associated with Spring and the element of this season is Wood. After the inward stillness of Winter in the Water Element, the dynamic expansion of the Wood Element is now seen in the thousand of shoots, buds and leaves in plants that are exploding back into life. Now is the time of year when your own Wood Element also begins to expand. After the isolation of Winter you are starting to venture out more and more to experience the return of the sun. Spring is a great time to start new projects, spring clean your home and perhaps make changes to your diet to assist in the detoxification of your body. Just as the energy of the growing crocus pushes through the ground, so too does Liver Qi in your body. As the energy within you begins to rise, yin yoga can help support Liver Qi during this seasonal change and assist the body’s natural digestive and detoxification functions. This practice will encourage you to embrace the opportunity to shed old unwanted layers and start to make conscious choices to begin again. Venue: Frodsham Scout Hut, Hillside Road, WA66AW Time/Date 2:15 to 4:30pm 4th April 2020 Price: £22

ॐ Yin Yoga for Liver Health & the Season of Spring April 2020


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